Ride Day 29 – Ribadesella to Llanes – 29 km

There is a total of one photo from today’s short ride. We were very pleased it was short and not much climbing. The weather was just atrocious. Thunder clap at 6.30, lightning and torrential rain. It eased. Duncan worked while we waited for it to slow down. We set off at 11.30 in the rain. It was steady rain until 18km, we stopped for coffee and sandwich and off we went again. Then the heavens truly opened and the rain was so heavy the roads were flooding. We kept on the biggest road we were allowed and went as fast as possible. Unfortunately we couldn’t take a picture of the most aptly named town on the trip – Poo.

We arrived in Llanes at 2pm, a record for us – very lucky this is our shortest day. This blog written in the laundromat, have a lot to wash and especially dry.

The photo below of the only beach we stopped at when the rain was at its lightest. Surfing lessons don’t mind the rain.

We will concentrate on where we were on our day off. Ribadesella was just a delightful spot, in two parts, split by a bridge and marina. We stayed in the old town. Lovely restaurants, harbour, narrow lanes, pretty buildings. Unfortunately, our accommodation was not up to scratch in any way. We never seem to hit it right when we have a day somewhere.

The weather as usual was a bit average. We had lunch booked in the restaurant next to our accommodation and that was quite a special food experience. We enjoyed the nine course lunch very much but not the sort of food we could eat very often. Never had eel before and it was smoked and actually quite good. We didn’t eat in the evening!

We had the two most enormous almond croissants ever seen or eaten for breakfast.

Across the harbour is a huge sandy bay flanked by tall cliffs. Had the weather been sunny, we could have experienced a very nice evening watching the sunset. Chris Burton – as we haven’t seen a sunset over the ocean now since we left home in May, could you post us a photo please. It wasn’t raining though and it wasn’t cold. The promenade along the beach was lovely and even in early July, pretty empty. Some fine hotels on the beach – wish we had chosen one of those but out of our price bracket.

As we were cycling/drowning, we started working on a song inspired by “Always look on the bright side of life”. Feel free to join in.

When you’re cycling in the rain,

And you legs are full of pain

The trucks are wizzing by,

And you’ve nothing left that’s dry

Through the town of Poo,

Cafes are too few

Always …

2 thoughts on “Ride Day 29 – Ribadesella to Llanes – 29 km

  1. When you’re cycling up a hill. And you feel you need a pill. When the wind is blowing hard and your bottom feels like lard. You sing a little song, Even though there’s a pong. Always..,,,,,,,,,,


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